A Must - Have, 
Easy To Read Primer
for choosing your next tech stack!

Tech-Enabled, Tech-Forward or Tech-Shackled Which Are You ?

  Integrating any type of technology requires a disciplined thought process!

 In his best selling ( and very readable ) primer on tech,  Jeff Arnold leads you through three different integration scenarios.
In the end, you’ll close this primer understanding:

The Right Way to Integrate Technology

The Best Way to Message the Integrations

How to Avoid Becoming Tech-Shackled

Hi! I'm Jeff Arnold

I am originally from a small town in Western Kentucky (much smaller than you are thinking).

My family was a combination of Preachers, Farmers, and Career Military with a sprinkling of some new kind of thing called Entrepreneurs.

 I am currently married to Laura Lee Arnold and ”YES, I Over Married” as she is much smarter than I. She is a stay-at-home Mom (toughest job ever) and we have four children ranging in age from 26 to 12.

This is my Fourth Book to become an Amazon Best -Seller. I hope you enjoy it's easy to read, but succinct format.

Tech-Enabled, Tech-Forward or Tech-Shackled is a must have primer for anyone involved with integrating tech or technology stacks.

Combining revealing anecdotes with a wealth of information Jeff tackles the following:

  • ​How Tech-Enabled Firms integrate tech into key processes.
  • ​How Tech-Forward Firms use tech innovations to speed up processes.
  • ​Why Tech-Shackled Firms adopt technology that interferes with processes and business models.
  • ​​Why and How Great companies use tech to accelerate growth, not create it. 
  • ​The intricacies of knowing what to adopt and when.

Jeff Arnold's latest primer is short, simple and easy to digest, but packed with powerful thought-provoking ideas.

In an industry presently experiencing a mass influx of well-funded insurtech's, Jeff explains lessons learned during his 30 years of integrating the latest technology into Agencies, Companies and MGA's.

He is the perfect guide to walk you through the arcane, often detour filled process of adopting new technology.

In the end - you will close this primer understanding the disciplined thought processes needed to choose the right tech. 

Just A Few Of The Book's 5-Star Amazon Reviews...

This book is fantastic for a wide audience. This is an easy book to read through, and an even easier book to skim through. The writing is clear and concise in a conversational tone, never lecturing. The layout is super easy to follow with short pieces and clear subheadings. The editing is superb. While there aren’t any clarifying pictures, there isn’t any confusion because the author is able to teach and demonstrate all the information in a conversational style.
~ Rachel Roy

This book is extremely informative. It breaks down everything thoroughly, in a way readers can really understand. The author goes over everything in detail, as well as things many people don't really think about on a day to day basis. I learned a great deal from this book. I highly recommend it!
~ Verified Amazon Customer

This easy-to-read layman's guide to the ever-changing world of insurance (and life) is truly thought provoking, and inspired me in regards to how our industry addresses change and advances in technology. 

Thank you Jeff for this exploration into the journey of insurance and how it must adapt to tomorrow's buyer!! 

~ Gene Knippers

The author, Jeff Arnold, is a longtime insurance agency professional who speaks humbly and honestly about buying and selling agencies. With short chapters and simple concepts, even those not involved in insurance can follow along.

He overviews the history of insurance industry and provides detailed tips on how to buy or sell an agency. Agency owners will benefit from reading this book.
~ Kaitlyn

Easy to Read, Quick to Implement.

" Truly thought provoking and inspired me in
 regard to how our industry addresses change and advances in technology. " 

Copyright 2020 - Jeff Arnold - Infusing Technology into the Insurance Industry